Game Day

Henry watches his first Saints football game. Since New York City lacks a true home team, he’s adopted the one from his ancestral home, New Orleans.

Tough loss for the Saints, but afterwards Henry receives his first visitors at home and meets Eamonn, Emily and Jon.


8 thoughts on “Game Day

  1. Dear Precious Litle Henry, I can see why your brow would be furrowed in dismay after today’s disappointing loss. But don’t worry, little one, by the time you are perhaps a little over twice your present age of 5 days, yes I mean next Sunday, our Saints may well redeem themselves. As Saints fans since ancient times (1967) our beloved team has helped teach our entire family the virtue of patience. By the way I love your “New Dat” fleur-de-lis outfit. Did your Aunt Cheryl send it to you? She has great taste in fashion! And, If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that your Daddy whose arms you rest so comfortably in? My own shirt du jour is also fleur de lis & reads “Saints Football since 1967.” Yes, sweetheart, your dad’s side of the family does go a little crazy each Sunday this time of year with our fleur de lis apparel and our “Who Dat” shouts, but except for being Saints fans extraordinnaire, we’re almost normal ! And we all love you so much, cher petite Henry, and are thrilled to welcome you. Bienvenu a Henry Clyde Cousin ! Love, Hugs, & Kisses, Grandma Lois & “Papa” John Mark.

      • Thanks, Julie, you’re sweet ! I hope that your baby Mae & Henry, being first cousins and basically the same age will be great friends, despite the distance. Speaking of Mae, be on the lookout, a small pkg is coming in the mail to her from Texas !

    • Yeah, it’s sometimes been tough to be a Saints fan. Part of the problem is that it’s hard to take just a casual, nonchalant interest in a team who’s fan base is so devoted it makes others look absolutely soulless. Is Henry being introduced to a pleasant Sunday diversion or indoctrinated into a cult complete with its own rituals and chants? We’ll see.

      • Well, Mark – with Henry’s ancestors going back to New Orelans for so many generations, and 3 of those generations Saints fans, and with his Uncle Chris being the teams’s most devoted fan, your son was probably born with genes shaped like little fleurs-de-lis ! He’ll be fine, but just to round him out a bit, one of these days I’ll send him a Houston Texans shirt. John Mark & I root for them, but only if it in no way adversely affects our beloved Saints! Love, Mom

  2. I just love him so much, so hard being so far away. Thanks for this wonderful site! Love you all, and cant wait to kiss his little head and have him meet Mae!! (Ona and Blue as well, of course)

    • Thanks, Juj. I think it’s great that you and Jacqui have children the same age. They’ll be going through the same phases of life at almost the same time. Can’t wait for city mouse to meet country mouse (or cowgirl mouse?).

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