Lotus Power

Not sure how to interpret this pose: defiant “Power to the People” fist raised with legs peacefully crossed in lotus position. Maybe he’s an admirer of Gandhi or just getting used to life outside the womb?

5 thoughts on “Lotus Power

  1. Emma believes that he will fit right in at school sitting criss cross applesauce as they like to call it. I’m so glad you posted some pictures, I was having Henry withdrawals today. Love you guys!

  2. This pose probably made a lot of sense to Jackets and she could tell exactly why she felt a kick and a punch when he was nestled inside her. 🙂 Tiny little bundled up lovey.

  3. I love it – such an adorable pose.! Mark , I love your speculations about it. Mine is: maybe his little body recalls how difficult it was to stretch out al his limbs all at the same time before he was born. Although perhaps it felt to Jacqui he was doing exactly that! So glad you posted more photos. I, like your friend Terra, was having Henry withdrawals. Love ya’ll.

    • Yes, according to Jacqui, he was very active inside during those last few weeks. Probably trying out the pose.

      And just FYI, Mom: Terra is Jacqui’s stepsister from her dad’s marriage.

      • Oh, okay, thanks for the info, Mark. I’ve enjoyed Terra’s comments and thought she was a NY friend who moved away. But who could ever, once having lived in the Big Apple, bring themselves to move away? How silly of me ! Love, Mom

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