Dodging Patriots & Varmints

We were glad Henry’s birthday didn’t fall on September 11th. One of the drawbacks of living so close to the WTC is dealing with the idiotic, engine-revving motorcyclists who, in a misguided show of patriotism, pour into Lower Manhattan at midnight on the anniversary, forgetting that it’s also a residential neighborhood. Henry didn’t seem to mind, but whatever happened to a moment of silence?

This afternoon we took a walk by the Hudson River through Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City. About a minute after the picture below (right) was taken we heard a crash and saw what looked like a small dog land on the pavement about twenty feet in front of us. A raccoon had fallen about 20-30 ft. from its nest in an overhead tree branch. Onlookers were stunned, so was the raccoon. I approached, thinking he might be dead. But he regained consciousness and scurried kinda clumsily back into the bushes before I could get a photo.

5 thoughts on “Dodging Patriots & Varmints

  1. Now, in that picture his hair does not look as dark as I though it was. It actually does look like it may have some reddish tints to it? Beautiful pictures guys.

  2. I Love my daily upgrades on Henry. This is probably the only way i will get to watch him grow. Maybe next year I can come. I Love you guys!

  3. Thank for letting us in on one of Henry’s first outings. Beautiful photos. Henry looks all cozy and protected cuddled up next to Mommy! Love all of you so much, Grandma Lois

  4. I think that raccoon looked down, seen Henry and fainted from his cuteness! I have the same reactions every time I see new pictures, lucky for me I don’t live in trees 🙂 A million thanks for the updates, it makes being so far away bearable! Love you all.

    • Terra – your comment made me smile, yes the raccoon was blown away by the sight of Henry! And I agree that the photos make being far away much more bearable. Lois (Mark’s mom in TX) PS – I guess I never thought NYC had wildlife at all !

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