Great Gram

My Gram arrived in NYC today. This is her third visit in the almost 13 years since I have lived here. Gram is very special to all of her family and is basically the matriarch that has held everyone together. I am very happy that she can meet Henry, her 15th great-grandchild. It will be nice to have the company this next week as we adjust to Mark’s return to work. Mark looks forward to some eclairs too.

4 thoughts on “Great Gram

  1. This is such special time in your life and I’m so glad that Gram is there to share it with you. I’m sure tht Gram will enjoy seeing your wonderful mother’s glow and enjoy Henry’s beauty.

  2. What a nice photo of Jacqui & her Gram with Baby Henry! Bobbie, I’m so glad you made it to NY just fine & can share in this wonderful time in their lives. Jacqui, I know you’re happy to have your Gram with you, esp. with adjusting to Mark going back to work. Mark, I know you hate to leave Jacqui & Henry and my heart is with you. I’m sure having Gram there makes it a little easier, though. Henry, I love you, sweet boy! With love to all of you, Grandma Lois PS – the eclairs sure sound good. Jacqui, you must have gotten your baking skills from your Gram!

  3. What a great picture of the three of you! Love how Gram makes sure to sport the Wyoming Cowboy pendant whenever she leaves town. You guys have a great week. We are all pretty envious that she gets to kiss little Henry, but trust our times will come and his little cheeks will just be chubbier for the pickin by then. Looks like Henry is enjoying sleeping all over New York City. 🙂

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