Weekend Photos

Of course, as a first time parent, I spend half my time just staring at Henry. I want to absorb and enjoy every moment with him. Every little movement seems picture worthy. At the risk of seeming sappy, here are a few weekend pictures.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Photos

  1. We have a saying at our house ‘There is nothing cuter than a swaddled baby’. Love the one with he in his daddy’s arms. I never get sick of looking at him Jackets. Love him so much!

  2. Jacqui, you’re not being sappy at all, your’re a mom in love with her baby, and both sides of his family are also in love with Henry, so we’re always thrilled when more glimpses into his life appear. I love the swaddled baby, the one in his Daddy’s arms and marvel at his flexibility with his litle toes near his mouth ! Hope you & your Gram are enjoying your visit and she’s getting to love up on Henry! Love ya’ll, Lois

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