Happy Birthday to Granddad

My grandpa would be 80 year’s old tomorrow, September 22nd. Unfortunately, he passed away on September 22nd, 2008. He would be Henry’s Great Grandpa and it would have been a joy for Granddad to meet Henry. I can hear his voice asking how Henry is doing and coming up with a nickname for him. Oftentimes when I called Gram, Granddad would pick up the phone in another room and say, “Is this Jacqui Marie (not my middle name, but his name for me)? Love you” and then stressing it with “very, very, very, much.” As long as he told all of us how much he loved us, he didn’t really need to say more. He was a great man and we miss him not only on his birthday, but every day.

My Grandma's favorite photo of Granddad (Larry Bourret).

My Grandma’s favorite photo of Granddad (Larry Bourret).

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Granddad

  1. Dear Jacqui, your granddad sounds like a wonderful man, and he was very good-looking with a beautiful smile. I’m so sorry he’s not still here to welcome his great-grandson Henry into the world. I pray God allows Henry’s Great-granddad Larry and his Great-granddad Henry to smile down from Heaven on their adorable great-grandson. Thanks for posting the info about your grandfather. I know you all miss him very much. Love, Lois

  2. That’s such a cute photo of him. We ate waffles in his honor today. Dad loved his family very much, it came so easy for him. He held this family together. Dad, we miss you in so many ways.

  3. This made me cry, he would have so loved all these new kids in the family. I had forgotten about the phone thing. such a loving man. Thanks for writing this jacqui marie- Juby Kate

  4. I am reading this wayyyyy after the fact, and came across it quite by accident. I worked for Larry J. Bourret (yes, we always added the J) when he was Commissioner of Wyoming Agriculture. I don’t believe I have ever respected anyone more than I did your grandad. He was an extraordinary man; a kind man; a genius. He knew more about agriculture (and the politics of) than anyone in the state. He took on the federal government with a passion I had never before witnessed. He never forgot his former employees. Years later, when I would run into him at the Legislature, he took the time (he didn’t have) to ask about my family. That’s when I was always reminded that family always came first for this man. Yes, he worked horribly long hours, but I don’t know if you were aware of how often he took the time to mention his wife and children. He was so proud. His face would light up whenever he talked about family. (More so than when he talked about taking on the federal government…) Thank you for the memory of this wonderful man. I miss him still to this day.

    • Joyce. Thank you so much for your kind words about my grandpa (this may be written as from Mark Cousin, but it is from Jacqui Cousin, Larry’s grand daughter). He loved his grandkids so very much and I so wish he would have been able to meet my boys. I know he would have thought the world of them. He was always very supportive of all of us and would do anything for his kids and grandkids. Very happy that you have such nice memories of this great man as well. I passed your comments on to my grandma. It is so nice to hear from other people who knew him. Thank you.

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