Henry’s Travels

Yesterday was the last night of Gram’s visit to NYC. She made us dinner each night and helped watch Henry. It was nice to have this time with Gram even though we were only able to take the occasional walk and have afternoon coffee. It was nice for her to be here and meet Henry. We will miss her and wish her safe travels.

We took Gram to Blue Smoke for some ribs. Henry tagged along. So far (knock on wood) we’re amazed at how he’s able to be out in the city and not even flinch with all the loud noises and constant stimulation. He sleeps through anything. That might be a newborn thing or a Henry thing, it’s too early to tell.

7 thoughts on “Henry’s Travels

  1. Such a nice photo of Henry with his Mom and Dad and Gram ! I’m glad ya’ll had a good visit with your Gram, Jacqui, and that she was a big help to ya’ll, too. Henry’s looks cute in his long pants! I’m sure one of these days he won’t be so quiet when ya’ll take him out. He’ll be noisy but still the cutest baby boy ever! Thanks for the new posts, ya’ll ! Love from Grandma Lois

  2. Aww…look at Henry in his MC Hammer Pants.

    Every time I see Henry he is just so hype.
    He’s cute in his sling and It just makes my heart sing.
    I’ll travel from Wyoming to the Hudson Bay.
    It’s Henry go Henry I just can’t wait to come and play!

    Love you Henry!!!

    • Terra!!! That is awesome, I started to read it, and it wasnt until I was singing that I realized what you had done. You’re so funny.

    • Such a cute song you wrote about Henry, Terra . I’m not familiar with the MC Hammer song, but I sure do like your version ! I can tell Henry has lots of love coming to him from Wyoming !

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