Citizen & Sous-Chef

Yesterday Henry met a man who is indirectly responsible for his existence. We got a visit from our friend John, who first introduced Jacqui and I years ago. Another friend named Jon who had previously met Henry also stopped by. Both were put to work assembling furniture for Henry’s room, which I’m sure he appreciated though he never did get their names straight.

Today I came home from work to find my wife and son preparing dinner together. Very domestic scene:

Also, Henry received his first mail today– his birth certificate and Social Security card. He’s now officially credentialed by the state and national governments and can expect to receive a jury duty summons shortly. Welcome to the system, kid.

4 thoughts on “Citizen & Sous-Chef

  1. Both of these pictures capture how perfectly animated he is! He appears to be inwardly shrieking with excitement at his citizenship and the other has him looking so thoughtfully about his day, the future, or possibly his next dinner. A million hugs and kisses to you all!

  2. I love these pictures. He looks so content to be with his mamma. He looks more ready to ‘fight’ the system. Good luck guys. lol. Really really really want to kiss him soon.

  3. I just love these photos. I am so reminded of having to do most of my daily tasks with a son strapped on my front although in those days the encasement was not nearly as snuggly. Andrew pretty much just hung there kind of free swinging.
    He is the cutest little thing, and like juj, I want to kiss him.

  4. Adorable photos! Such a great idea to pose Henry with his birth certificate and SS card. I’m showing my age but it still seems strange to me that babies need a Social Security card! I agree, little Henry has such an animated face, so many expressions on such a tiny baby! I love the one with Henry cuddled up to Jacqui as she cooks dinner. I agree he looks so content with his mommy. And I wondered what was Jacqui cooking with the mushrooms because we love mushrooms! Love, Mom

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