Sweet Henry at Three Weeks

Henry makes some funny hand gestures whether sleeping or awake. He seems to need his hands near his face just like his mom. We tried the swaddle, but he broke out of it. We will need to give it another shot soon.

Sweet sleeping boy.

Sweet sleeping boy.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Henry at Three Weeks

  1. I totally get the “breaking free of the swaddling”. I can’t imagine being bound in a blanket! That just means he is going to be a free spirit!

  2. So Henry broke out of his swaddling – that shows me he’s strong for his size, just like his Great-grandpa Henry. My dad was never a big man, but he had a lot of strength in his arms and hands. I think you do, too, Mark. The sleeping Henry photo makes me want to kiss his sweet forehead, how beautiful he is! (says unbiased Grandma Lois)

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