6 thoughts on “Bright-Eyed Henry

  1. I just cant get over how much he looks like you Mark. It is like getting to see you when you were little. Crazy the resemblance!

  2. How precious he is ! I look forward to all the new posts and never tire of looking at all of Henry’s cute expressions. I see that Aunt Juj also thinks he looks like you, Mark. I keep seeing Jacqui in him, but maybe I’m missing something here! I need to get out your baby photos, the ones I still have. Since I sent Jacqui your baby book for her b’day, when I get to New York to visit soon, I’d love to compare your baby photos to Henry’s. Maybe then I’ll see what Jacqui’s family sees! Love, Mom PS to Aunt Juj, your Mae is also such a beautiful baby!

    • Thanks Lois! Its so nice to see your comments on here. Glad we can all share in this little guys daily cuteness!! What a nice idea to send my sis his book for her birthday. 🙂

      • I’ve been enjoying your comments & point of view, too Julie. Yes, I sent Jacqui Mark’s baby book for her b’day in 2011, after they were married, but at that point I wasn’t daring to dream they’d one day have our beautiful Henry. I agree, it’s so great we can share in Henry’s daily life, even though so far away. Hugs to you & Mae !

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