Weathering the Storm

We stayed in our apartment throughout Hurricane Sandy and we’ve remained safe and dry. However we are without electricity and have only sporadic cellular phone service. (I’m writing this post at a friend’s place in Queens.) So thanks to all of our family members who’ve expressed concern and don’t worry: we have plenty of food and water. We’re just trying to be patient and deal with the inconveniences. And Henry’s still happy, in fact he took advantage of the blackout to relieve his constipation under cover of darkness. (Maybe more info than you needed, I know, but just trying to see the bright side.)

Active Saturday for Henry Boy

Henry had an active Saturday starting with a bath in his very own tub. Previously, we had been bathing him in the sink, but we used the tub this time and he really liked soaking in it. After we took care of some Saturday errands, Henry was dressed in his jack-o’-lantern┬ápajamas (thanks Grandma Lois) and we walked to Greenwich Village for his first Halloween party at Gavin’s (son of Chad and Tracy Carns). He was very well behaved and genuinely enjoyed his first real chance at mingling.

The Calm Before the Storm

Hurricane Sandy is coming! At least that is what the media is telling us. Mark, being from New Orleans, doesn’t ever take any storm too seriously. As a result, we did not evacuate for Hurricane Irene last August. We were probably the only people left in our building that late August weekend. It was so quiet and nice to have the building all to ourselves for two days.

Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit a little harder and the news programs said it would hit The Battery first if it hits New York City. The Battery is just down Broadway, but we only get slight breezes off the Hudson. Within ten minutes of watching the news this morning, Al Roker said the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm and then went back up to a hurricane. We will spend our Saturday morning preparing and now that we have a child, perhaps take the warnings more seriously.

Henry at Seven Weeks

Henry turned seven weeks old today and as I may have already stated, we can’t imagine life without him. Henry traveled with me to work yesterday and almost put in a full day. As a result of his long journey, he seemed pretty exhausted today.

Henry’s Room

It’s a little quieter here after the family visit. My mom and sister left yesterday to return to their own homes and we already miss them. I suspect they’re also experiencing Henry-withdrawl since both have texted or called to check up on him.

In addition to helping out with the feeding and diaper changing, one of the most helpful things our family visitors accomplished was getting Henry’s room in order. Jacqui and I were so distracted with caring for Henry that we had procrastinated setting up his nursery. Thanks to my mom (for generously buying the crib), my niece (for helping to assemble it) and my sister (for being the catalyst to overcome our procrastination), Henry’s room is almost complete with the exception of a few decorative details.

More of Henry’s New York Firsts

On Wednesday Henry experienced a few more New York firsts. He took his first subway ride (on the local uptown 1 train from Chambers St. to 14th St.) when he accompanied Aunt Cheryl and me to my doctor’s appointment. Afterwards we went for a short shopping trip and took a break in Union Square Park with snacks and cider from the Farmer’s Market, Henry’s first time in Union Square too. For his age, Henry’s becoming well-acquainted with his home town.

Henry Learns About the Boppy

We got the Boppy out for Henry yesterday. Aunt Cheryl and Grandma Lois finally figured out how the music plays on it today. Supposedly at this age, Henry should be squealing with laughter at the sights and sounds of the Boppy. He is satisfied to just move his legs to the music instead.

Family Visit

This is a big week for Henry getting to know his dad’s side of the family. On Friday night, his Aunt Cheryl and cousin, Michelle arrived from New Orleans and Atlanta respectively. His Grandma Lois arrived from Houston the next day. Aunt Cheryl and Grandma Lois will stay for a week to help while cousin Michelle has to get back to work in Atlanta on Monday.