Smiling Henry at One Month

Today marks Henry’s one month anniversary as part of this big world. We can’t imagine what we ever did without him. It already seems so long ago. It still feels like the honeymoon phase and every facial expression he makes fills us with awe. Last week Henry smiled for the first time. As every parent knows, the first smile is the pinnacle of joy.

Close-up of Henry’s smile.

Henry sticks his tongue out a bit like…

…his cousin, Mae (above) who’s been doing it since the day she was born (7/11/12).
Here’s to you Mae!

7 thoughts on “Smiling Henry at One Month

  1. Oh I do love that boy so much! Such joy in my heart at the sight of him. Thanks for mentioning Mae in the site, she will be excited and probably give a pretty big smile at the mention of it (probably with her tongue out). Cant wait to see them make each other laugh. Love you all.

  2. What a beautiful smile he has and those eyes so bright and alert ! I hope they stay that bright blue color. I was thinking his one-month day would be Oct. 5th, but of course he is 4 wks old today, and looks to be having a very happy 1 month b’day. Thx for the new posts. I look at ALL of them every day ! Unless I have to be out of town which I will be again soon, but that’s okay because I’ll then see the one & only Henry Clyde Cousin in person! Love, Granny Lois

  3. PS – by the way, Jacqui, your sweet boy is such a joy, it’s possible his entire childhood, even his teens, will be a honeymoon phase! I know a young man named Brandon who’s in his late 20’s and has a lovely wife and a baby girl. Brandon is an only child and is a very even-tempered person, a friendly and kind young man. His Mom tells me he was always an absolute joy to raise. So, it can happen!

    • PPS – Just today got to see the cute photo of baby Mae ya’ll posted – how adorable she is. So glad we got to meet her (at the age of 6 wks) and her mom and Gram in person in August while we were vacationing in Colorado. Also happy that Henry has a cousin his own age. Love, Gran Lois

  4. Oh how I Love these babies…got to hold and kiss baby Mae this week, wish I could do the same with baby Henry. Love to you all!

  5. All of these (including sweet Mae) are so gorgeous! Hope you all are doing well today. Here’s to a win for The Saints today too!

  6. Oh wow! I had not seen the site since you actually put a pic of Mae on it. That is so sweet. I love seeing them side by side! Melts my heart. Love you all!

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