4 thoughts on “Fall Arrives

  1. It’s as of Drew is looking at Henry and saying “aww he is soooo cute!”, and Henry seems very pleased with the first win of the season.

  2. Go Saints! Go Henry ! The photo is so cute of Drew Brees “looking” at our precious Henry. So glad Henry finally got to see a Saints victory – he’s been waiting all his life for this ! Last night John Mark went to bed during the 3rd quarter & our team was behind, so I turned off the TV, thinking I couldn’t bear to watch another defeat by myself. So I didn’t know until I checked Henry’s website that the Saints pulled it off. I just called JM to let him know our team did it! Who Dat ! Also, little Snuggle Bunny is adorable, so sweet & cozy and ready for fall. Can’t wait to hold him ! Love, Gran Lois

  3. When Gram told me the Saints won I thought of how happy Henry would be right away. That’s either a huge television or a little baby, hm….maybe both. Great picture! I always think of the 3 of you cuddled up on Sundays watching football. What a nice day that would make. Love you guys.

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