6 thoughts on “Henry Being Henry

  1. Oh goodness! I am so in love. It truly is so different when you see him move and make sounds, so thankful for technology. What a beautiful spirit he has! love the way he looks at you and that little bottom lip is the best. Aaawwww

  2. I ditto Juj! Oh man it just makes me so overwhelmed to see his sweet little gestures and movements. Oh man I have got to get out there to see him soon!

  3. Jacqui, I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed all of Henry’s pictures. He is so adorable. I know you and Mark are very proud of him plus everyone else too. I too enjoyed the summers at our house. What a special blessing to now get to see you and your precious baby boy too! Love you, Arlene

    • Thanks Arlene. I am glad you got the announcement and like the pictures of Henry. I hope you can meet him someday if we all happen to be in Cheyenne at the same time. Love you too!

  4. I’ll bet I have watched this video a thousand times, it is so sweet and precious. The other thing that melted my heart was to hear how sweet you are talking to Henry. It brings back memories,old and new of how sweet Terra and Juj talked (and still talks) to all their precious babies. Good job mama’s!

  5. Just love how gentle and loving Jacqui’s voice is with her precious baby and how Henry responds to his mommy’s voice. It’s cute how surprised Henry looks after he sneezes, like he’s thinking “What was that?!”

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