Henry Learns About the Boppy

We got the Boppy out for Henry yesterday. Aunt Cheryl and Grandma Lois finally figured out how the music plays on it today. Supposedly at this age, Henry should be squealing with laughter at the sights and sounds of the Boppy. He is satisfied to just move his legs to the music instead.

7 thoughts on “Henry Learns About the Boppy

  1. I am just sitting here laughing at my desk! He is so cute!! Those big socks and that running thing he is doing. That is my favorite look-the knee high socks and onesie. I could watch this all day, He looks to be so contemplative and smart. love him so much.

  2. It was so much fun to be there when Henry was introduced to his Boppy toy. To the friend or family member who gave this gift to him, it’s great and we all loved seeing Henry’s delight and wonder at the Boppy’s lights and sounds and the little stuffed animals bouncing around. I can’t get enough of this video !

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