More of Henry’s New York Firsts

On Wednesday Henry experienced a few more New York firsts. He took his first subway ride (on the local uptown 1 train from Chambers St. to 14th St.) when he accompanied Aunt Cheryl and me to my doctor’s appointment. Afterwards we went for a short shopping trip and took a break in Union Square Park with snacks and cider from the Farmer’s Market, Henry’s first time in Union Square too. For his age, Henry’s becoming well-acquainted with his home town.

3 thoughts on “More of Henry’s New York Firsts

  1. I really like the one with him and the woman who delivered him. Such a special picture to have. Man, its still so green in New York, what a little traveler. I love the little hoodie. He is so precious. Glad you are all having a good time together. We will keep the company coming. 😉

  2. Twp beauiful young women and a beautiful baby in a lovely setting ! It was so good to visit Mark & Jacqui and meet our grandson, Henry. I just fell in love with him! Jacqui’s the best mom and Mark’s a wonderful daddy. Also great to spend some time with my dear daughter, Cheryl and her lovely daughter, Michelle. It was a very special week for me. Thanks, Jacqui & Mark for everything! Love from Grandma Lois

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