Henry’s Room

It’s a little quieter here after the family visit. My mom and sister left yesterday to return to their own homes and we already miss them. I suspect they’re also experiencing Henry-withdrawl since both have texted or called to check up on him.

In addition to helping out with the feeding and diaper changing, one of the most helpful things our family visitors accomplished was getting Henry’s room in order. Jacqui and I were so distracted with caring for Henry that we had procrastinated setting up his nursery. Thanks to my mom (for generously buying the crib), my niece (for helping to assemble it) and my sister (for being the catalyst to overcome our procrastination), Henry’s room is almost complete with the exception of a few decorative details.

4 thoughts on “Henry’s Room

  1. How lucky is Henry to have such a caring and creative family? I’m sure he will miss them just as much as they will miss him. Saying goodbye is the hardest! Glad you all got to spend such quality time together.

    • Thanks, Kathy. Henry’s lucky to have such love from both sides of his family. I can tell by all the comments how much he is loved by all Jacqui’s family, too. The 3 of us, myself, my daughter Cheryl, and her daughter, Michelle were so captivated by sweet Henry and his engaging expressions and personality, even though he was only 6 wks then. We all cried when it was time to leave. This website, though, really eases our sadness at being so far away. I hope you and all Jacqui’s family get to meet Henry soon.

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