The Calm Before the Storm

Hurricane Sandy is coming! At least that is what the media is telling us. Mark, being from New Orleans, doesn’t ever take any storm too seriously. As a result, we did not evacuate for Hurricane Irene last August. We were probably the only people left in our building that late August weekend. It was so quiet and nice to have the building all to ourselves for two days.

Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit a little harder and the news programs said it would hit The Battery first if it hits New York City. The Battery is just down Broadway, but we only get slight breezes off the Hudson. Within ten minutes of watching the news this morning, Al Roker said the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm and then went back up to a hurricane. We will spend our Saturday morning preparing and now that we have a child, perhaps take the warnings more seriously.

5 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. That little bugger is gettin some chub. Nice to see you are getting some sleep Mark. What a great thing to be cuddled with him like that. You guys be safe, I think its fair to say we will all be pretty worried until we here it has passed. Love you all so much!!

  2. I can only hope that this is the scene after the storm too. Keeping you all in my prayers, and eagerly awaiting an update when the power and Internet is restored.

  3. Mark, this photo of you and Henry is priceless! I assume Jacqui is the photographer, so thanks, Jacqui. I’m commenting on the Thurs. after Hurr. Sandy, and although I’m sorry for all your inconvenience with no power, we’re all very thankful you are all safe and well. God bless ya’ll.

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