Active Saturday for Henry Boy

Henry had an active Saturday starting with a bath in his very own tub. Previously, we had been bathing him in the sink, but we used the tub this time and he really liked soaking in it. After we took care of some Saturday errands, Henry was dressed in his jack-o’-lantern pajamas (thanks Grandma Lois) and we walked to Greenwich Village for his first Halloween party at Gavin’s (son of Chad and Tracy Carns). He was very well behaved and genuinely enjoyed his first real chance at mingling.

5 thoughts on “Active Saturday for Henry Boy

    • So… I didn’t know if you clicked on them they would get bigger and you could comment on them individually; territory Trix has already figured out. heh.

  1. I love that he is at the age where is responding with smiles and coos. He is going to be quite the social butterfly with a schedule that rivals any executive!!!

  2. Well, thanks to Aunts Tix & Juj for letting me know you can click on the photos to see them enlarged. Terrific ! I’m so glad he could wear the little pumpkin suit – he’s the cutest little pumpkin ever!

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