Weathering the Storm

We stayed in our apartment throughout Hurricane Sandy and we’ve remained safe and dry. However we are without electricity and have only sporadic cellular phone service. (I’m writing this post at a friend’s place in Queens.) So thanks to all of our family members who’ve expressed concern and don’t worry: we have plenty of food and water. We’re just trying to be patient and deal with the inconveniences. And Henry’s still happy, in fact he took advantage of the blackout to relieve his constipation under cover of darkness. (Maybe more info than you needed, I know, but just trying to see the bright side.)

8 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

  1. This picture is just a precious as Henry’s first out of the womb because I know that he (as well as you and Mark) are safe, happy, and healthy! Glad you all weathered the storm well and hope that power is restored quickly. Love you guys!

    • Couldn’t have said it better Terra. I was so thankful to receive that text yesterday! Must have been a unique experience for sure. We love you guys and glad to hear you are all ok. Call when you can.

  2. You’ve all been constantly on my mind, so glad all is well. We are all so used to the modern conveniences, that a little candle light goes a long way!

  3. We agree with Terra & Aunts Juj & Trix – we’re so thankful ya’ll are all safe. Adorable photo of Jacqui & Henry. Jacqui, thx so much for your texts during storm, they relieved our minds so much! Hope it won’t be long before power is back and ya’ll can go back home. Love ya’ll & God bless ! Grandma Lois & JM

  4. We’re so thankful ya’ll came thru safe. We agree completely with Terra & Aunts Juj & Trix. Jacqui, thx for your texts which greatly relieved our minds. Hope your power returns soon. Love ya’ll so much! Grandma Lois & John Mark

  5. After watching all the devastation from the storm, what a blessed relief to hear you are all safe. I know what you mean Jacqui, a little candlelight goes a long way! Love you guys!

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