Family Visit

This is a big week for Henry getting to know his dad’s side of the family. On Friday night, his Aunt Cheryl and cousin, Michelle arrived from New Orleans and Atlanta respectively. His Grandma Lois arrived from Houston the next day. Aunt Cheryl and Grandma Lois will stay for a week to help while cousin Michelle has to get back to work in Atlanta on Monday.

Henry’s First Stroller Adventure

Henry is welcomed to the Rokkan family.

Yesterday, Henry took his first stroller ride and longest trip in the city. His behavior was exceptional and he is fast becoming a real New Yorker. A few things I (mom) noticed is how rough the New York streets really are when there is a baby in tow, very bumpy and probably the main reason people in the city invest lots of money in durable strollers. And of course, as Emma reminded me, use the stroller brake when stopping on a corner and walking to the front of the stroller to check on a newborn. Thanks Emma! We went to my office, Rokkan, so Henry was able to meet my office mates. He slept most of the time, but it was a fun day for both of us and nice to see all my colleagues and show Henry off! Mallory took the picture of Henry at Rokkan doing what else? Sleeping.

Henry’s First Friend

Emma, my friend and colleague from Rokkan brought her son Egon over for a visit last Friday. Egon is two years older than Henry, which is quite a difference in kid years. It seems like yesterday, Egon was Henry’s size.

Egon meets Henry. Thanks to Emma for sending the photo.