The Lights Are On

After a week long power outage for all of lower Manhattan, the lights came back on Saturday. We took some time to get back in the swing of things. Of course, we know that a loss of power for a week was relatively easy to endure compared to the recovery many people in our area now face. The outage was actually a nice break from television and internet, but by Saturday, we were ready for some hot water and football. Henry didn’t really notice the difference and we can add another first to his list of firsts, Hurricane (Super Storm).

7 thoughts on “The Lights Are On

  1. What a handsome little man he is! Glad things are somewhat back to normal for you guys. So happy to see pictures of Henry again, it’s unbelievable how much he has changed in just a week! Love you all and glad you are safe.

  2. Love the photos of Henry with your friend, Colm. I love how Henry’s expressions are so engaged with others, like he’s holding conversations where words aren’t necessary ! Again, so glad ya’ll are about back to normal following Hurr. Sandy, with lights & hot water in your modern, yet cozy home. Praying for all those in your area who have lost so much. Love, Gran Lois

  3. So glad to hear you are back on the grid. Little poopsey is getting cuter every day, I would say he is definitely smiling at Colm.

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