Henry’s First Shots

Henry got his first required vaccination shots today. He took them like a champ and seemed to recover quickly. He’s now weighing in at 9 lbs and is 22 inches long. We are so proud of the boy.

10 thoughts on “Henry’s First Shots

    • Oh man! I propped Mae for 2 seconds the other day and saw everything that had gone horribly wrong my whole childhood flash before my eyes and quickly picked her up and held her tight.

  1. He looks so cute in his hat. Another new first…shots, YIKES! It could be that he took his shots so well because he was still overjoyed from his Saints winning last night. Take care and thanks for the precious pictures.

  2. These photos of Henry are adorable. He’s so beautiful and really growing – 9 lbs, 22 in, how terrific ! I miss him so much! Hugs & kisses from Grandma Lois

  3. Note to Mark: Loved your photo of Henry’s precious little foot and your important voting issue. I tried twice to actually vote on the vital piggy issue and leave my comment of apprecation for the voting opportunity; but there was, unfortunately, a problem at the polls, which didn’t accept my vote, or my comment ! So, here’s my official position: the littlest piggy goes all the way back home to the big toe. Reasons for my position: the smallest piggy goes, “wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home” a total of four wees. Plus, in my experience, all my childrens’ smallest toes went back home to the big toe. Since I seem to be the only citizen voting on this controversial issue, it’s officially resolved !

  4. Noticed the site was ‘tweaked’ from yesterday. Looks like Jacqui lost that vote. It’s ok Jackets. LOL. Anyway, I love the piggie post, and thanks for bringing humor to a topic that may cause some people to be experiencing some futility today.

    I always take the piggie all the way up the head and behind the ears and under the chin and around the belly, but I am realizing now, I have never given it enough thought and I should reconsider nursery rhythm protocol and listen more to the words than the feeling. 🙂 This is adorable and made my day. Thanks and love you all.

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