5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. How is he sitting up like that!? it is so cute and he looks so grown up. His looks are really changing and he is looking like a little boy. He has no socks on, which is something you would most certainly not get away with if you lived closer to the family. I turn my head for two seconds and when I look back, Maebee has socks on already. Its like magic. Love this picture!!! Looks like you all had a great time.
    Love you!

    • He’s getting better at holding up his head, but not quite this good. Used a little Photoshop trickery and removed my arm from the photo afterwards. Just a little visual joke, cuz this is his usual pose and look while being burped.

      • Oh wow! you’re really good at that. It looks really cool. It pretty much drives me crazy looking at this, just how cute he is and how much I wanna see him in person. He is getting so big, and what a face!!

  2. I really enjoyed all your Thanksgiving photos. Looked like a great get-together, and Henry was the most handsome guy there naturally. I loved his shirt & pants outfit. Yes, I wondered too, how he seemed to be just sitting out there on thin air. Pretty good trick, Mark!

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