henry_toesIt’s the first Tuesday in November. Now’s the time to make your voice heard on an important issue: Just how far did that last little piggy go in the familiar nursery rhyme?

It’s understood that the final piggy goes “wee, wee, wee – all the way home”. But does that mean that he returns to position 2 with the other housebound piggy (the three “wee’s” lend credence to this theory) OR does he return ALL the way home to the original big toe at position 1?

You decide in our scientific poll below.

The Lights Are On

After a week long power outage for all of lower Manhattan, the lights came back on Saturday. We took some time to get back in the swing of things. Of course, we know that a loss of power for a week was relatively easy to endure compared to the recovery many people in our area now face. The outage was actually a nice break from television and internet, but by Saturday, we were ready for some hot water and football. Henry didn’t really notice the difference and we can add another first to his list of firsts, Hurricane (Super Storm).