Lazy Weekend with the Boy

Not too many events for Henry this weekend. We stayed in the neighborhood. I took Henry in the jogging stroller both days. I am starting to get used to a different style of jogging, and it feels good to get back to doing something I love with someone new that I love even more. He usually falls asleep pretty quickly on the route. Henry went to a falafel restaurant on Sunday and did some grocery shopping with us. We have fun with Henry whatever we do. He is changing so much on a daily basis, making lots of noise and laughing a lot. It is a very special time.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend with the Boy

  1. Such wonderful photos! Thanks so much for the joy of all these glimpses into Henry’s and ya’ll’s lives. Means more than I can say! I love all of Henry’s little outfits – he’s the most styling baby in Manhattan, I’m sure! Miss ya’ll. Love from Grandma Lois

  2. PS – Jacqui, I’m glad you’re getting used to jogging with Henry as I know it means a lot to you to stay active. Happy you can do so while enjoying time with your sweet baby.

  3. How precious to hear dad and Henry have a conversation. Mark, just remember how sweet and easy this conversation went before Henry becomes a teenager and you get one word answers. Their favorite seems to be “Whatever!” At least you can enjoy and not have to worry about that one for a long time. Loved the video and pictures guys, it seems that you’re doing a fantastic job as parents!

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