Henry’s First Christmas Tree

Mallory, the Office Manager at Rokkan, helped me out by watching Henry Friday morning at work. She placed a snowflake light on top of his stroller and he was mesmerized. Thanks for your help Mallory! I left the light on the stroller for the walk home and he stared at it intently the whole way.
Saturday night, we got Henry’s first Christmas tree. Grandma Lois had given Henry his first ornament when she was here in October. Henry loved the lights on the tree too and we found a nice place to place his first ornament.

3 thoughts on “Henry’s First Christmas Tree

  1. Just checking in for my dose of Henry, it makes for a long weekend not having internet at home. I love these pictures. Christmas is so fun with/for kids and I remember Jackets and I sleeping under the tree and her always crying on Christmas eve with the thought of some stranger coming in to our house to leave gifts. I wonder if Henry will be terrified of Santa too?

    Love seeing the wonder in his face. Love you guys and happy for you all. Lots of love.

  2. Henry’s so cute in his red cap! How nice of your friend Mallory to help out at work by watching Henry and placing the snowflake on his stroller. I’m really excited about ya’ll’s Christmas tree and Henry’s first Christmas. Jacqui, the photos of you and Henry are priceless. Thanks to Mark for taking them! It was nice for me to see ya’ll hanging the little ornament I’d brought him. Love ya’ll very much! Grandma Lois

  3. What sweet pictures. I agree with Lois and Juj that it’s precious to see the wondering look on Henry’s face. I love the picture of Jacqui and Henry getting ready for a walk. It’s so you Jacqui. Now all we need a picture of Mark in front of the tree with Henry. Love you guys.

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