1WTC Under Construction

Last night Henry and I stayed home while Jacqui attended her office Christmas party. When she returned, she said the cab had to drop her off a few blocks away because a lot of the streets in our neighborhood were closed.

The reason for the street closings became clear soon after when we saw the massive base segment of the spire of One World Trade Center being hauled down Greenwich Street toward the site.

Today Henry and I went to investigate the remaining, slightly smaller segments on a barge docked in the Hudson.

One thought on “1WTC Under Construction

  1. These photos are interesting, Mark. I guess next time we visit, we’ll be able to see the new tower, and also maybe the museum will be open, too. Ya’ll live in a really nice neighborhood. Of course my favorite of these photos is the one with Henry in the foreground in his stroller. He’s getting so big and strong looking, and his smiles just melt my heart!

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