Henry’s Rug

Henry’s main gift was delivered yesterday— it’s a colorful striped rug for his room. We figure he’ll spend a lot of time on the floor during the next stage of his development when he starts crawling. It also really ties the room together.


4 thoughts on “Henry’s Rug

  1. I love the colorful rug and the beautiful colorful Henry! The blue suit is so cute on him. What a great idea the rug is, it will be nice for him to crawl around and lie down on. It looks so soft I’d like to lie down on it myself, cuddling up with sweet Henry. Merry Christmas, ya’ll !

    • Oh, yeah, now that you mention it, I can see that his little foot is way up in the leg part. I did notice that his right hand is up in the sleeve of the pj’s. But no matter, it’s still a beautiful photo of your beautiful boy! When ya’ll have a chance, pls post a photo of his room with the new rug down. Bet it looks great. Love, Lois (I mean, Grandma Lois!)

  2. PS – I just love Henry’s expression, his calm, steady gaze, his beautiful little face. He looks so peaceful, I could look at this photo all day!

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