Henry’s First Christmas



2 thoughts on “Henry’s First Christmas

  1. It’s so nice to be able to see Henry doing his Christmas stuff. Glad he got a Pokes hat to sport along with his Saints gear. It looks like you guys had a nice family time together, although we all really missed you. Jacqui, you look beautiful!! Love you guys and thanks for sharing your Holiday with all of us who couldn’t be with you. Can’t get over Henry in that outfit, he knows how to pull off a suit, that is for sure. He looks adorable and so ‘city’.

  2. So great that we get to share in Henry’s first Christmas. I agree, Jacqui, you look so beautiful and happy, it touches my heart. Love Henry in his “formal” Christmas attire, tie & all – how precious! In the lg. photo, he looks like he’s saying, “Help, get me out of this tie!” Aunt Juj, I love the “Henry” stocking, you’re so creative! Mark, thx for posting photo of the bank, since I couldn’t see it when I ordered it on-line. We missed ya’ll at Cheryl’s on Christmas day, but can see ya’ll had a lovely day.

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