Henry’s New Year’s Eve

Mark, Henry and I traveled uptown to Central Park for New Year’s Eve. I have always wanted to run the Annual Emerald Nuts Midnight Run that takes place on New Year’s Eve. This year seemed like a good time to add to the new adventures list: have a baby, run at midnight!

We met our friends, Cara, Aaron and their daughter, Sierra (plus a few of their friends) on the Upper West Side before the race and headed down to the start line a little before 12 a.m. Mark carried Henry in the Ergo carrier while I ran the race. There were fireworks which Henry took in stride and he mostly slept through the cold and loud music at the park.

One thought on “Henry’s New Year’s Eve

  1. What a great way to celebrate the New Year. I love the fireworks. Jacqui, you look great! Congratulations on completing the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run although I do wonder about the title. Maybe they’re saying one has to be nuts to run at midnight? Well, it looks like lots of fun for all 3 of you! I can see ya’ll bundled Henry up really well, too. Happy New Year!

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