Henry’s Room (updated)


The decor in Henry’s room has been updated a little, including his new rug and mobile¬†among other things.

2 thoughts on “Henry’s Room (updated)

  1. This is so nice to see his little world. It is so clean and nice too! Cant wait to mess it all up! LOL. BTW, you guys are getting really good at this blog thing. This post looks great and the links and video added is a great touch. Love you guys and cant wait to see you!! Henry has a great space.

  2. I’m always so excited to see new posts, esp. a new video. Henry’s growing & changing all the time and I’m so glad we get to see this on the website. I absolutely love seeing the updated room, with the colorful rug, mobile, etc. Almost makes me feel like I visited (almost). So cute to see Henry in his updated room, the King of the Nursery! What a fortunate litle baby. I miss him (& ya’ll) so much ! Love, Mom/Grannny Lois

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