4 thoughts on “Stuck Inside the Mobile

  1. I wondered why when I read this title I couldn’t get a song out of my head. That’s pretty clever Mark, little Bob Dylan pun. I love seeing a baby after a bath and glad he is still liking the mobile. What a baby you guys have!! So good to hear all you guys and enjoy your family like this. lots of love!

  2. Ya know what malkes these videos so special is that we get to hear his little coos and giggles along with you guys…it makes him so real and not just a baby that we are hearing about. This page was such a great idea…just saying!

  3. I agree with Aunt Trix, I love hearing his little coos & squeals and ya’ll’s voices as you take care of Henry. It does make him seem so real and almost like I was there in the room with ya’ll. Henry’s so cute and already has his own little personality! And that mobile is terrific! Love, Mom

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