Missing Mom

Jacqui’s in Chicago for work for a couple of days making this the longest time she and Henry have been apart. Hopefully seeing this video helps soothe the ache until their reunion tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Missing Mom

  1. Well Mark this certainly made my day! Henry is getting such a cool personality, taking after his folks of course! I love how his eyes are watching you and the camera, very inquisitive and sweet!

  2. Mark, I just love this video. The website never fails to lift my spirits & make me smile. Henry’s little face is becoming more expressive all the time. You can sure see the wheels turning in his brain, soaking up and processing everything. He is especially taking in all the love from his mom & dad. That’s so great you posted this video for Jacqui to see while she was away on business. I know Henry missed his mommy, but he had his daddy’s loving attention!

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