4 thoughts on “Sofa Dance

  1. Don’t know how ya’ll managed this video of Henry dancing, but it’s so cute! My dear friend Betty (near Austin) saw this before I did and told me, “Go watch your grandson dancing!”
    She loves the website so much I told her she could be an honorary Granny! (hope ya’ll don’t mind an extra granny 🙂 Love from Granny Lois

    • This is a loop of multiple still photos of Henry propped up for a few seconds until he loses his balance and slides back down the couch. So technically he’s not actually dancing as much as he’s falling, unless “The Collapse” is considered a dance.

      But if you listen to some uptempo music while watching, he seems like he’s got some advanced moves for his age.

  2. What a cute dance, I love how his toe seems to be tapping to the music. Loved the bear suit also, hope it is keeping that sweet baby warm! Thanks for the pics. Like Lois, I could just kiss the screen! Love to all.

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