Super Bowl Sunday

Henry seemed to enjoy having company over for his first Super Bowl Sunday. Final score: Ravens win 34-31 over 49ers after rolling brownouts in New Orleans.


left to right: Jon, Henry, Jacqui, Mimi


Jon- calculated heartthrob pose, Henry- guileless charm (crotch-grab notwithstanding)

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. I didn’t know you got your tongue pierced Jackets! 😉 Love seeing him with all the ‘big kids’ He seems to hang pretty well and be pretty proud and happy. I can see him taking this same type of picture in college. Cuter every second, I tell ya!

  2. Great photos of a good looking group of people with the most beautiful baby boy ever! Glad ya’ll had a fun Superbowl day. Too bad about the lights going out in “our” Superbowl. Hope it doesn’t hurt New Orleans’ chances to host another Superbowl.

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