Henry and Atticus

Henry is one of the younger babies at his daycare, but there is one baby that is almost exactly one month younger. His name is Atticus and he was born October 4th, 2012. MaryEllen, his daycare provider, sent this photo to me today. I think I have only seen Atticus awake twice. Apparently he likes to sleep a lot more than Henry. I am glad Henry has someone he can play with and hopefully when they are just a bit older, they will be really good buddies. Henry seems to be doing really well at daycare and we are so thankful to have found a wonderful environment for him to spend his days.

Henry and Atticus

5 thoughts on “Henry and Atticus

  1. What a sweet photo of two such different looking tiny boys, both adorable! I’m so glad ya’ll found this daycare and MaryEllen. I, too, am very thankful ya’ll found such a great environment for Henry to spend his days while ya’ll are working. Aunt Trix is right, it must give ya’ll peace of mind to know how well Henry’s being cared for and how well he’s adapted to his daycare.

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