6 thoughts on “Fine Dining

  1. I thought for a second that he would become too fancy, well with those beautiful flowers and the fine dining. But then I seen that he had kicked off a sock to “keep it real” and knew he would fit in at our house perfectly!

    Love you all!

  2. That was cute Terra! Dont be too jealous, but I finally get to meet this little guy tomorrow!!! We will be eatin peas, I hear he really likes em! lol

  3. I’m so glad Henry likes his food, from applesauce to green peas. And he looks so cute in his high chair. I’ve never seen one like this one – how does it stay attached? Also the flowers are beautiful. I hadn’t realized until reading Terra’s comment that Henry had kicked off one of his socks – how cute! Love, Granny Lois

  4. His high chair is called the “lobster” model. It attaches to the table with adjustable clamps (or “claws”), kind of like a vise. It’s portable, probably designed with travel in mind, but sometimes those portable items also help to save space in an apartment.

    • Well, okay, as long as the “lobster’s” claws can hold up Henry’s weight, it’s great and does save space. He’s so cutely chubby now, hard to believe how tiny he was when Cheryl & Michelle and I met him last October. Wish I could come back, like tomorrow! Well, hopefully one of these days. I love, love, love your beautiful boy!

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