Henry and Mae Meet

My sister Julie and her daughter Mae arrived from Wyoming on Tuesday for a five day stay. It was exciting to see the two little ones interact with one another. Mae does not stop smiling and Henry got used to another little baby in the house pretty quickly. They are almost exactly two months apart in age. Both are at a stage that has them touching people’s faces and grabbing at everything they see. It was fun to watch them staring and reaching out to each other.

Mae casts a spell, turning Henry into a hummingbird, while Aunt Julie prevents him from flying away.

Mae smiles while Henry looks on.

Mae smiles while Henry looks on.

Mae looks up.

Mae looks up.

5 thoughts on “Henry and Mae Meet

  1. So glad she made it safely! These pictures make me happy and jealous all at the same time. But I’m thrilled that you both are able to share in each others company and sweet babies together! Love you all!

  2. Oh I have been so excited to see these two little buggers together. I would love be in the presence of them both. I am so glad Juj and Mae are there. I know it will be a great time and I am so glad it was made possible. I love you all so much.

    • I am so jealous! Those two babies are the CUTEST BABIES–born lately, of course. At various times, I have had other cutest grandbabies. I am so lucky for all my good-looking kids. Love you and miss you horribly.

  3. I love the video of these two cutie pies meeting each other, and the other photos as well. I’m jealous, too and wish I coud also be there. Kiss both the little sweethearts for me. Thx for the great posts! Love, Gran Lois

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