King Cake Baby

Henry celebrated his first Mardi Gras with the help of his Paw Paw Butch who sent a king cake and themed onesie from New Orleans. For those who don’t know, king cake is a traditional Mardi Gras pastry that has a small baby doll (formerly porcelain, but now usually plastic) hidden inside. The person who gets the slice with the baby is then responsible for obtaining the next king cake. Family lore has it that my parents met at a king cake party.


4 thoughts on “King Cake Baby

  1. This is one of my all time favorite photos of Henry. Yes, Mark, he is posed sort of like the King Cake baby, only Henry of course is much cuter! What a great idea for your dad to send the King Cake and the adorable onesie. And you’re right, your dad and I were both in a group of teen-agers who went to the same king cake parties and teen dances. I could have it backwards, but I think I thought we met at a King Cake party and your dad thought we met at one of the dances. I can’t say for sure which of us thought what, but we did each go to the dances and the King Cake parties with our friends. The dances were sponsored by various Catholic churches in New Orleans, – St. Dominic’s on Friday nights, Sacred Heart on Saturday nights and St. Anthony’s on Sunday evenings. A few years later your dad & I were married at Sacred Heart (on Canal St.) and a year later Cheryl was baptized at St. Dominic’s, because by then we were living in that church’s parish in the Lakeview area of N.O. Well, that’s it for the trip down Memory Lane ! Love ya’ll, Mom

  2. That’s interesting. Yeah, my Dad called after reading this post, and wanted to go on record confirming this – upgrading it from lore to fact. But he also mentioned the dances so maybe it was some combination Mardi Gras-themed king cake dance party?

    • Okay, we’ll leave it at that, since all King Cake parties were Mardi Gras themed and there was always dancing at the parties. These parties were always held at various kids’ home, though, as opposed to the weekend dances, held at church halls. My folks let me hold one King Cake party at our home on Monroe St. in N.O. And after another King Cake party, your dad and his sister, your Aunt Lou, and I think, my sister, your Aunt Carol, and I were all there and your dad gave us a ride home in his new (and later classic) ’57 Chevy. This was before we ever went out as a couple, and your dad was aggravated that I started to get into the back of the car, thinking that Aunt Lou would of course sit up front with her brother. I was shy back then (& very young, 17, and your dad was 19) and I didn’t realize that this slender, blonde haired, nice looking young guy called Butch, who owned the cool car, might be interested in me! Funny, I remember those days in much detail, but can’t recall yesterday ! Well, yesterday wasn’t as much fun as those days 🙂

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