Brooklyn Bar Baby

At the risk of being “that couple” who bring their baby to the bar, we decided to meet friends at Union Hall, a bar in Brooklyn with indoor bocce courts. During past visits, playing bocce there has been a casual diversion between rounds of drinks, but the holiday weekend, cold weather and possibly its recent appearance on a popular tv show, made it a longer wait for a court. So we didn’t get a chance to play, but still enjoyed hanging out with friends.


4 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bar Baby

  1. These are cute photos, I esp. like the one of Mark & Henry, entitled “Having a pint with my boy” Looks like ya’ll had a well deserved night out with your friends (& Henry, too!)

  2. PS – I must admit, I don’t know what bocce is, but I’m sorry ya’ll didn’t get to play. Love ya’ll very much. Mom/Gran Lois

    • Thanks, Mom. Bocce is a game played by rolling a series of balls on a lawn, or in this case, indoor court. Sometimes you’ll see older men playing in the park. It’s not a big deal that we didn’t play this time – just one of those casual pastimes that’s apparently gained in popularity recently.

      • Oh, okay, I somehow had the idea it might be a type of bowling game, although I guess there are no pins to knock down. Chris called me last night and I asked him if he knew what bocce was and he did not. Of course, Chris is definitely a one-sport, one team guy, and we know what that one sport is ! I told Chris when he had a chance to go look (on your dad’s notebook computer) at how cute Henry is. Looking at Henry’s website photos is my favorite part of the day! Love ya’ll, Mom

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