Henry at Six Months

It is hard to believe that our little guy is already six months old. I am off by a few days, but will just call it six months because it is March 5th. The last six months have taught both Mark and me a lot about ourselves and what it means to be a parent. There is so much more to learn and look forward to with this little boy. Before I start sounding too much like a mommy blogger (which I suppose I am now) or getting too sappy, I will post a few more pictures of Henry who is teething, and say that we are very happy to share Henry’s many stages so far with our family and friends.

Henry's old man face signifying that he is trying to suck on a tooth that may be coming in soon.

Henry’s old man face signifying that he is trying to suck on a tooth that may be coming in soon.

Henry's teething causes him to drool...a lot.

Henry’s teething causes him to drool…a lot.

2 thoughts on “Henry at Six Months

  1. It is unbelievable to me that he is 6 months old. I hate that I have missed that much of him and feel blessed that you and Mark have chosen to share Henry’s life, through this blog. You have total permission to sound sappy, I am still sappy as a mom, although B reminds me that I do not need to be a mother any longer. Thanks for letting us all in on your family’s life. Love you all very much, Trix

  2. Yes, I thought about it on March 5th, that Henry is now 6 mos. old. Hard to believe! It’s been a wonderful time for both of you as his parents and for all his extended family and friends, thanks to the website. I appreciate so much being able to follow along in the wonderful adventure of parenthood and in Henry’s early life. He’s grown so much since I saw him last October. Don’t worry about sounding sappy, Jacqui. He’s your pride and joy!
    And he’s a source of joy and pride both for your family and for Mark’s entire famlily. God bless the 3 of ya’ll, your little family in NYC, Apt. 9 H ! Happy Half a Year to Henry ! Love, Lois/Mom/Gran Lois

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