Weighing In

Henry had his six month weigh-in today. He is doing great at 17.4 Ibs., a three pound gain from two months ago. Henry is also 26 and a quarter inches long. He’s becoming a big boy. Next step, mashed potatoes. Oh, and since he outgrew his previous bear coat, I bought him a new one—this time blue, for spring.

Henry and me on the way to his weigh-in.

Henry and me on the way to his weigh-in.

6 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. Jacqui, you and Henry are so photogenic in this picture, and I love the snowy background. He looks like an angel in his blue coat, I’m glad his checkup went well. Stay warm!

    • I am a little late, but wanted to thank you for the comment. He probably won’t even know what snow is when he gets older, so it is nice for him to see a little bit now.

  2. What a great photo of the two of you with the snowy background. Henry’s new blue spring coat is really nice, are his eyes still blue? They seem to be in some of the photos. Wow, over 17 lbs, that’s great! Almost 3 times the size he was last October when I met our Henry, hard to believe. I’m so enjoying watching his development on the website. It really makes me feel closer with all the great glimpses into his life and his Mom & Dad’s lives, too! The photos and videos never fail to cheer me and bring smiles to my face. Thanks so much for this wonderful gift for your families and friends! Love, Mom/Lois/Gran Lois

  3. I agree with Mom this is a great picture of the both of you, but I think my favorite is when you two are twinkies. 🙂

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