Something New

We’re in the process of updating the look of this site with a new design theme (Superhero) that has a brighter color palette and showcases photos/video more prominently. Let us know what you think or if you’re having any problems viewing.


9 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Cutest picture I have ever seen! love him very much. Change is hard, but we will get used to it I am sure. Seems like it will be better viewing.

  2. Oh I like that you can be emailed with follow up comments, That was the one thing I wished was different about the other pages. Nice!

    • Thanks for the feedback about the new look and, as always, your affection for Henry.

      Yeah, there’s a little check box with the follow-up comments option. Glad that’s helpful.

      Sometimes I’ve gotten resentful when websites (or software) are redesigned — thinking if it ain’t broke, don’t fix. Change can be disorienting, but hopefully worth it since this format better presents photos and videos, which are the main attraction to our visitors.

  3. I like it and I don’t enjoy change very much, i.e. Yahoo’s new site! But then again anything with sweet Henry’s beautiful mug on it I would adore! Love you all!

  4. Miss Betty (Henry’s honorary Grandma!) told me about the new format yesterday (thanks, Betty!) I love the new format and every single photo or video of Henry. I love the one showing him sitting up and then rolling over, so precious. I want to just hug him and squeeze his chubby little arms and legs! Love ya’ll, Grandma Lois

  5. PS – Didn’t know Henry was a Beatles fan! I guess his “Something New” shirt announces the new website format, very clever advertising, Mark. Someone should hire you, like someone in Manhattan (I hope!) Love ya’ll so much! Mom/Gran Lois

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