Uncle John’s Disappearing Beard

Our friend, John, who years ago introduced Jacqui and I, paid us a visit today. He’s got a tradition of shearing off his winter beard and hair around this time, hence the before/after photos:





9 thoughts on “Uncle John’s Disappearing Beard

  1. As always Henry is adorable! Uncle John looks good with or without the beard, but I think he looks way younger without it ! Thanks, Uncle John, for introducing my son to the beautiful girl who would become his wife and the Mom of the world’s cutest baby boy! PS – Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

  2. For those of you who don’t know, I went to high school with “Uncle John” and we met up here in New York in 2000. John worked with Mark and blah, blah, I am sure this story has been told far too many times.

    • That’s the “official” story. Blah, blah, indeed.

      Truth is “Uncle John” is the feral wild-man of local legend. Jacqui and I fell in love whilst bringing him to the ways of civilization as part of our joint doctoral thesis. We’re actually posting these photos as evidence that he can now be trusted even with our precious child.

      (Editor’s note: the child was never in any real danger as a loaded tranquilizer rifle is kept trained on the savage at all times.)

    • Well, if I knew the whole story, I forgot (I’m old!) but actually I don’t think I knew John was also from Wyoming, Jacqui – very interesting! Anyway, glad it worked out as it did. You all had me laughing out loud with your doctoral thesis story about Uncle John, the wild man & the subsequent comments. Evidently, Uncle John, wild man or not, must be very patient and with a good sense of humor to put up with you and your stories, Mark. Remember, our family knows you well, and we still sometimes recall your description of Skippy, your genuine miniature Norweigian stable hound. And you were only 11 then ! Why aren’t you getting rich writing fiction?

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