7 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. How cute Henry is for St. Patrick’s Day. Actually, a 4 leaf clover is even luckier than a Shamrock ! Until recently, I thought I was one-quarter Irish and my children were 1/8 Irish because my mom, whose dad died at 28 in the 1918 flu epidemic when my mom was only 1 year old, thought her dad (Thomas Asa White, called Asa) had come over from Ireland and that she herself was half Irish. However, when my friend Jessie did a geneology study on my Mom’s family a couple of years ago, it turned out that it wasn’t my grandfather, Asa White, who came over from Ireland, but his grandparents, Michael & Bridgett Gormley. They were the parents of Maggie Gormley, who married Asa C. White, and whose son was my grandfather, Thomas Asa, who became my mom, Margret Ethel White’s dad, and he, being the son of one Irish parent was half Irish, my Mom was 1/4 Irish, thus I am 1/16 and you, Mark are 1/32 Irish, not that much (unless there’s unknown Irish blood somewhere in your dad’s family). Going on to our Henry, well, I don’t know about any possible Irish in Jacqui’s family, (though she looks beautifully Irish with her red hair, blue eyes and fair skin) but as far as ours, I guess Henry’s still got a small amount of Irish blood running thru his veins, thanks to his great-great-great-great grandparents Michael & Bridgett Gormley, 6 generations back from Henry. There’s your St. Patrick’s Day geneolgy lesson, so kiss Henry for me, he’s Irish ! And so kissable and huggable 🙂 Love, Mom O’Spurgeon

      • Thanks, Aunt Trix. I hope to meet you one of these days also! II’ve enjoyed reading your comments. Do you live in Laramie? I tried a few times to find another shamrock pacifier, since when I met Henry last October, Mark called it his “lucky” pacifier, but I never could find one like it. Do you recall where you purchased it? Although perhaps since Jacqui said Henry got it stuck in his mouth recently, he may need a larger version of his lucky pacifier by now.

      • You’re right, Mark, just a wee bit from your side. What about Jacqui’s family, any Irish there? Well, no matter, wee Henry’s still the most bonny Irish (& American) laddie anywhere and ye know he’s the light o’ me life! As always, thanks to you & Jacqui for the great posts & allowing all of us a glimpse of your lives. Love, Mom

    • You may have. It came in a package of two and he has used this one since about day 3 of his life. The other one fell into his poop shortly after he was born. It is pretty worn, but we haven’t lost it. He also got it stuck in his mouth the other night, so it might be getting too small for him, but it has sure been good to us…or I mean, Henry.

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