Sofa King Cute

Henry’s cousins, Ona-Rain and Kaylie departed today for their return trip back to Colorado after a week of sightseeing and babysitting. We’ll miss them and hope to see them again soon. I’ll let Jacqui recap their visit later, but in the meantime: here’s three redheads on a couch again plus a baby enjoying their attention.


3 thoughts on “Sofa King Cute

  1. This is so cute of the 3 redheads & Henry! Although Henry’s hair looks kind of red, too, so maybe it’s the 4 redheads. So glad ya’ll had fun with Ona-Rain & Kaylie. They’re both such beautiful girls & I can see they really loved meeting Henry. Happy Easter, ya’ll !

  2. Yes, I see that. Sometimes I’m sure it’s red and other times it looks darker. But his eyes still look blue in almost all the photos and I hope they stay blue, although he has such a beautiful face and he’s so cuddly and chubby, he’d be beautiful no what what the color of his hair or eyes. Miss ya’ll very much. The website is certainly a joy to me! Love, Mom

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