7 thoughts on “Water Worries

  1. Wow, I’m impressed ya’ll are already getting Henry used to the water and taking swimming lessons. Hope he warms up to it. Mark, do you remember when I took you to swimming lessons at age 3. You definitely did not like the idea – are you still traumatized? Sorry about that, Sweetie ! Henry looks so cute & chubby in these photos. Love ya’ll so much! Mom

    • I really hope he learns to like the water. He looks so cute in his swim trunks. I want him to enjoy new things. I will try two more weeks and see how it goes.

      • I hope he starts liking the water, too. I’m glad you’re having him try new things, Jacqui. So many things that for one reason or another, I didn’t try as a kid, and wished later that I could do. (like swimming, riding a bike, bungee jumping). Just kidding about that last one – my parents would have died on the spot! They didn’t even want us riding bikes ’cause we lived on a busy street. Yes, I agree, Henry’s a cutie in his little swim trunks. Love, Lois

  2. So far, Henry appears to take after me in his aversion to swimming lessons but Jacqui’s gonna try again a couple of times more to see if he’ll change his mind.

    • Well, as Aunt Juj said, he may get used to it. Maybe you would have gotten used to your swimming lessons, too, Mark. Maybe I didn’t hang in long enough. But you screamed bloody murder and I thought every deputy in St. Bernard would appear on the scene! And it just heart my heart to force you to keep going. If you still can’t swim, Sweetie, hang on tight to the ferryboat rail on the way to New Jersey and back! Love you, Mom

  3. I love pool pictures with all the blues and the lighting. For not liking it too much, he sure does look cute doing it. I’m guessing he will get used to it and learn to love it like he likes his bath time so much. (I say this out of love Jackets, but he is so cute, that you barely notice your feet in the water) LOL. Love you (and your feet).

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