Redheads Take Manhattan

Here are a few highlights of Ona and Kaylie’s visit. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a lot of pictures because I had Henry boy to tend to, but Mark made this video. I think they had a great time. I missed them a lot when they left. I always miss my family when they leave, so nice to have them around.

9 thoughts on “Redheads Take Manhattan

  1. They look like they had an amazing time! So glad they got to come meet Henry boy.

    P.S. That video is amazing!

  2. Always love to see Ona eating. lol. These are really great, thanks for sharing. Sounds like they took over the city. Thanks for giving them a great Spring Break guys. Ona cant stop talking about Henry and how sweet/cute he is.

    • Just watched the video. Priceless! so good Mark, it could win and award or the equivalent these days- ‘Go viral’

    • Yes, I have hundreds of pictures of Ona eating. Although she has become less of a picky eater over the years. It is more fun to eat out with her now.

    • I want to make sure everyone turns on the sound when they watch the video. I don’t always have my volume on my computer, but you really need the music to get the full effect of the Cousins.

  3. Loved the video and what perfect music! Everyone appeared to have a great time, I’ll bet Henry misses them as much as they miss him. Glad you were all able to spend some quality time together. Nothing better than family!

  4. Terrific video and beautiful redheads and precious baby boy! So glad ya’ll had a great visit with Henry’s lovely red-haired cousins, and obviously Ona and Kaylie had a wonderful time visiting NYC and the Cousin family.

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