Sunday in Queens


After some playtime in the morning, we took the subway to our friend Eamonn’s apt. in L.I.C., Queens on Sunday afternoon and visited with Mimi, Jon and Carrie too. Henry brought his duck along for backup.

As we’ve seen previously, Henry enjoys a profound connection to the music of Glenn Frey’s solo career.

Sunday Afternoon

We had a relatively uneventful weekend, but our friend John did stop by for a visit on Sunday and Henry keeps us busy every day.

Now, That’s a Hat

Many people looked at Henry when he wore his hat on Wednesday. One man yelled out his car window, “I like that hat” while others just looked at him and smiled or said, “Nice hat.” He seemed to be the only celebrity in SoHo for the day. Thanks to Aunt Terra and Aunt Juj for the gift.

Henry fell asleep on the walk home, but the hat stayed intact-with mom's help, of course.

Henry fell asleep on the walk home. I stopped to move his hat back above his eyes periodically.